"True style is that he never raises his voice, never goes in search of the spotlight, turn them on about themselve"


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Events & Party provides its customers key areas for the great success of an event:


  • Security and Close Protection, with qualified and authorized personnel by the Prefectures . This is to always be sure of your / our safety all the times. Managed by one of our partners the RSIS, with long experience in this sector;
  • Limousine Service, limousines and luxury cars rentals.The staff is highly qualified. Another key aspect is the discretion and punctuality;
  • Rent Helicopters, helicopter transport services are dedicated to customers who want to use this way of transport, both for business or pleasure, offering a solution in a short time and rapid transfer in far way locations
  • Marketing Communications, integrated communication plan, corporate identity, media and social media, public relations;
  • Press, media management and social media, press conference, press releases, radio and TV interviews, Public Relations;
  • Graphic Division, is responsible for the visual communication that allowed to reach the maximum communicative effect in the shortest time possible, thanks to its strong power of recall, integrating all marketing communications;
  • Web Division, is responsible for management of social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc ...) and Web sites created specifically for the event;
  • Booking and Accomodation, looking for the best solution for your needs, at the best price;


These are some of the services we can offer to you.


Everyone that works with us is highly qualified, with a high level of professionalism, and all authorizations required by law. 

We care to underline this point, for the difference of management of an event managed by professionals, from one event handled by anyone

“R.S.I.S. - Right Service Investigation and Security” (our partner in security management) 

It offers services with a high level of professionalism that allows us to address every request efficiently.


Team with decades of experience, in the field of Investigations-intelligence, Security, Close Protection and  information, developed in the private, business and diplomatic offices.

Press, media management and social media, press conference, press


releases, radio and TV interviews, Public Relations;


Integrated Communication Plan

- Stand Press file

- Press release

- Stand location

- In house Journalists

- Buffet, appetizer, refreshments

- Interviews


Exclusive Location


We select the most suitable location for you. We look for the most suitable locations for events, presentations to the press, corporate events, gala dinners, parties, concerts, press conferences, and more.

The choice of space is essential for the success of the event.

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The "Limousine Service"


Our partner for “luxury car rental with driver” consists of highly qualified drivers, who will ensure that your movements or your trips are extremely relaxing, comfortable and safe place themselves at your disposal for as long as required. Another key issue is: discretion and punctuality.