"True style is that he never raises his voice, never goes in search of the spotlight, turn them on about themselve"

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Events & Party is a service agency specialized in the organization of events, conferences, meetings, gala dinners, concerts, press conferences, weddings planning; and much more.


We transform your dreams in reality. We give life to your projects, with all our creativity and imagination, intertwined with our professionalism and competence.


We become the linking element of your unforgettable moments. Creating a union between inventiveness, imagination, reliability

and technical.


We are the answer to your questions, a sure gain on your time

and your resources. The serenity of a great team of professionals at your side who works with passion to each new



One thing we can not describe, with  pictures, or with  video, but we can  feel with our heart "All the passion we put into the creation of an event,  can only live with us".



Events & Party provides its customers key areas for the great success of an event.


These are some of the services we can offer to you.



Security e Close Protection
Security e Close Protection
Press Office
Press Office
Limousine Service
Limousine Service
Exclusive Location
Exclusive Location

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